Tireless in the Terminal: Surviving the Airport this Holiday Season


With Thanksgiving break rapidly approaching, it is to be anticipated that a majority of Lynn students will be travelling elsewhere to enjoy some well-deserved time off. Whether their destination is home or a vacation hotspot, one would imagine that with a population as international and diverse as Lynn’s, plenty of students will be spending time in an airport this holiday season.

Over the past decade, it seems as though travelling by airplane has become mundane: a chore as opposed to a novelty. Though layovers, delayed flights or crying babies may put a serious damper on a trip, after countless journeys back and forth between hometowns and Boca Raton, one picks up their own ways to beat the airport blues.

“I regularly travel from Boca to Ireland, and once I had to spend 18 hours in Newark International Airport,” said Aisling McEntegart, senior. “When my layovers are that long I always end up browsing shops and spending too much money. You have to get creative to stay amused for that long.”

Prior to arriving to one’s respective departure gate, make sure to stock up on plenty of liquids. Though soda or even an occasional alcoholic beverage may seem appealing at the time, steer clear of beverages that contain high amounts of sugar or caffeine.

Soda in particular will leave one feeling thirstier upon completing the beverage, which results in a major waste of money – airport prices are no joke. Coffee or tea on the other hand will certainly lend a helpful dose of caffeine, but will also have one running straight for the bathroom – not too ideal for someone on a time constraint or suspended thousands of feet in the air. Try some good old-fashioned water: healthy and cheap.

“Always buy water while waiting at the airport,” advised Sydney Trezza, senior. “It keeps your body hydrated and is a much healthier alternative to something like Starbucks, which can make you jittery before your flight.”

What’s an airport visit without some snacks? Opt for something with resealable packaging, so that the snacking can easily be transported from the airport to the aircraft.

Attempting to keep oneself occupied whilst waiting to board an airplane can be an incredibly frustrating experience. To keep busy while waiting, try stimulating the mind with a good book.

“My dad likes to get the airport two hours beforehand, so bringing a book to read is always helpful,” said Ashley Persaud, junior. “If the flight gets delayed we end up having to wait even longer, so even having a magazine to read makes the time go a lot faster.”

Some airports, including West Palm Beach (PBI), feature a sweet deal for frequent fliers in which a book can be purchased, read and then returned for a refund of half the original price. This applies to New York Times’ best sellers, up-and-coming authors, classic works of literature and more, all available for a fraction of the price.

If one would prefer to keep the books they purchase, but are still looking for a bargain, browse the ‘previously owned’ shelves. These books were purchased as part of the read and return program, and are available for half of their original price. Aside from the occasional bend on the spine, all books remain in excellent condition and are a perfect way to kill time at the airport. If interested, stop by the CNBC store in Concourse C of PBI and peruse what they have to offer.

“I’ve heard about the ‘read and return’ program, and although I’ve yet to fly from PBI I am absolutely fascinated with the idea behind the program,” said Brooke Rudisill, senior. “I really wish that all airports would get on board with this program because I would use it every single time.”

Lastly, always have headphones on hand. Given the tech-savvy times, headphones are convenient if one wishes to make a voice or FaceTime call, listen to music, or watch television on the plane. Having access to a pre-made music playlist is also always helpful; a collection of well-loved music is sure to lift spirits and decrease chances of having to shuffle through a dozen songs while trying to catch some sleep.

“Me keeping busy in the airport involves a lot of Facebook and calling my mom,” said Trezza. “Headphones are a must for me.”

Some say the beauty of life is within the journey, not the destination. For those spending quality time in the airport this holiday season – keep that in mind while waiting four hours for a connecting flight. Safe travels!

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