Cup of coffee printed with the word "begin" to mark the start of a positive morning

20 Monday Affirmations to Start Your Week Off Right

“It’s been a long week” – you, by 3 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or hit traffic on the way into the office, you’d be amazed to realize just how many excuses we can find for having a rough start to the week. While some greet Monday morning with open arms, others go in kicking and screaming. I have a challenge for you: turn your Manic Monday into a Manifest Monday with short, easy affirmations.

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10 Free Tools Every Writer Needs to Use Immediately

As a writer – and one who recently moved across the country – I can vouch that from the surface, finding helpful writing tools seems like it will cost much more than you can afford. Luckily, the Internet is home to plenty of free writing tools that not only amplify your content but also streamline your working process. Before you open up that wallet for a costly subscription, check out these free writing tools that won’t put a dent in your budget. Continue reading

Channel Letter USA: Creating a Social Presence

Channel Letter USA is a wholesale sign manufacturer, located in Delray Beach, Florida. Originally founded in 2008, the business came under new ownership in September of 2017. Unfortunately for the new owner, the company was completely devoid of all social presence, with the exception of a Facebook – which earned only 30 likes in it’s nine years of operation and hadn’t been updated since 2014.

When I came on board in October it was my mission to get Channel Letter on the map. In my research before joining the company I found that Google searches for the company had them coming in eighth on a search list, below all paid search content. Additionally, any images related to the company were of low-quality, or boring to look at. Below please find the content I created for the company – new photos, vibrant flyers, and an updated social media regime.  Continue reading

Sustainability Client: Creative Campaign

The Lynn University Sustainability Committee, located in Boca Raton, FL, required a new campaign for their Spring 2018 semester. A relatively new addition to the Lynn campus, this campaign needed to not only bring attention to their cause, but also increase on-campus participation.

The following slides are taken from my pitch to the committee (click for PDF). For complete initiative details, including budgeting and research, please click here. Additionally, video content created for the campaign can be found on my blog, here.

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Whistleblowers: A Deeper Look into American History

In a country that can often be plagued by fear and greed, it takes a lot of nerve to stand up against authority. Individuals who choose to defy the status quo and speak out against issues that have been swept under the rug, known as whistle blowers, are crucial to a democratic society. So why, when these individuals often have the most to loose, do they continue to speak out? Continue reading