The 55+ Can’t Drive 55 – Riders for Change

Meeting every Sunday at Boca Kosher Bagel and Café, with tanks full of gas and hearts full of pride, the riders of King David Bikers are far from your ordinary motorcycle group.

In short, King David Bikers of South Florida are an all-Jewish motorcycle club. With members residing all over South Florida, including Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach County, including Delray Beach and Boca Raton, this oxymoron of a group ride all over the state of Florida and beyond.

“King David Bikers was founded on the passion to ride and the bond of our faith,” said Mark Streisfield, secretary of the group and a member since its formation in 2004.

King David Bikers of South Florida are an affiliate club of the Jewish Motorcycle Alliance (JMA) Worldwide. Established in 2004, the JMA is a global group, with 8,000 members worldwide and 2,000 based in Israel. They pride themselves on their heritage, with some chapters having play-on-words names, such as “Guns and Moses.”

The JMA have chapters scattered throughout the U.S., including “Chai Riders,” “Hillel’s Angels” and “Lost Tribe of VA Beach.” Of the bunch, King David Bikers are one of the five founding clubs of the JMA.

The group frequently organizes trips for monthly “breakfast rides” or “lunch rides,” where they gather at Boca Kosher Bagel at a set time, and travel together to various destinations. Their most recent “weekend getaway” was Nov. 11 to Sarasota, upon which Vice President of the organization, Bill Cohen; President of the organization, Ed Forman; and a dozen other members headed off to the west coast.

“We had nine bikes going and 10 returning from Sarasota. Also, we had two cars that were able to carry extra baggage and several passengers,” said Forman. “The weather was absolutely perfect.”

Many members brought their wives, who are also members, along for the ride. However, it isn’t always smooth riding for the Bikers.

“Four of us arose early on Saturday morning and headed to Lido Key for a breakfast ride. Ron inadvertently picked up a screw in his rear tire, so we headed to the Honda dealer for a replacement,” explained Forman. “We then headed back to the hotel to pick up the rest of the group and head to the Ringling in Sarasota.”

On their trip, members visited the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus Museum, Art Museum, and the Ringling Mansion, as well as King Solomon’s Castle in Ona, FL.

In addition to trips and joyrides, King David Bikers also frequently plan events to give back to the community. They organize “Rides to Remember” which honor the anniversary of the freedom from death camps in Europe, as well as benefit Holocaust survivors. They are partnered with the Jewish Adoption & Foster Care Options (JAFCO), in which they give rides and fund picnics to raise money for foster children.

Additionally, King David Bikers do their part to honor veterans of western Palm Beach County. On Nov. 15, the Bikers took part in lowering and folding the flags in the Veterans Administration South Florida Cemetery in Lake Worth.

“Our club has several community service projects, but this one is unique since we have someone resting here,” said Forman. “During our last visit here we visited the grave of the mother of one of our members.”

King David Bikers will return to the cemetery again on Dec. 17 at 10 a.m. to raise the flags.

Jewish motorcycle riders interested in learning more about King David Bikers, or a chapter of the JMA near them, are encouraged to visit the club’s official website,, or their Facebook page, at King David Bikers South Florida.

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