Sustainability Client: Creative Campaign

The Lynn University Sustainability Committee, located in Boca Raton, FL, required a new campaign for their Spring 2018 semester. A relatively new addition to the Lynn campus, this campaign needed to not only bring attention to their cause, but also increase on-campus participation.

The following slides are taken from my pitch to the committee (click for PDF). For complete initiative details, including budgeting and research, please click here. Additionally, video content created for the campaign can be found on my blog, here.

Sustainability Campaign Pres pic.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres3.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres4.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres5.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres6.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres7.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres8.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres9.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres10.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres11.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres12.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres13.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres14.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres15.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres16.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres17.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres18.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres19.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres21.jpgSustainability Campaign Pres22.jpg

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