City at War: A New Yorker’s Views on Islamophobia

September 11, 2001: only six years old yet overcome with fear, anguish, despair.

2005, I am only 10 years old but veraciously alert to hatred, angst and terror. Now, at age 20, it has become strikingly clear to me that the attitude in New York City has become one of abhorrence; a poignant reminder that the terrorist attacks that have been thrust upon our city have left behind the fear of an entire culture. Continue reading

Tireless in the Terminal: Surviving the Airport this Holiday Season


With Thanksgiving break rapidly approaching, it is to be anticipated that a majority of Lynn students will be travelling elsewhere to enjoy some well-deserved time off. Whether their destination is home or a vacation hotspot, one would imagine that with a population as international and diverse as Lynn’s, plenty of students will be spending time in an airport this holiday season.

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